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1. How to order online?
1. Log in or register if you are a new customer;
2. After selecting the desired product (quantity, color), put it in the "Cart";
3. After selecting all the desired items, click “Buy”;
4. Fill in all information boxes;
5. Select the delivery method;
6. Confirm the order by clicking the "Buy" button.

2. How to register?
To order products from the Royalsmoke.co.uk, registration is required and is very simple:
- Click on the "Create Account / Login" link;
- Enter your details (Name, Surname, E-mail, password and year of birth)
After signing up, you will be able to see and track your order history, as well as receive information about sales or new items by subscribing to the newsletter.

3. How to choose goods?
All products are divided into separate categories. After selecting the product, click on it and you will get a more detailed description of the product and you will be able to select additional product parameters (color, quantity, strength, power, model, etc.). To order more than one item, select the desired number of units in the "Quantity" field, and then click on the "Add to cart" field.

4. What are the delivery methods:
You can find delivery methods by clicking on the link:

5. What are the payment methods?
Please find payment methods below:
- Pay by credit/debit card;
- Pay by PayPal;
- Pay on Delivery.

6. How do I know that my order has been confirmed?
You can see the full history and status of your order by logging in to your account.
"Order in progress" - we have received your order and it will be processed in the near future.
"Pending payment by transfer" - you have chosen the payment method to pay online (bank transfer), the status changes automatically upon receipt of payment.
"Payment received" - Your payment has been successfully received.
"Order shipped" - when confirming and sending the order to our store, we inform you with a message with the shipment tracking number.

7. Delivery.
When confirming the order, it is NECESSARY to indicate the correct place of residence, postal code and phone number. If you make one of the following actions incorrectly, your order will be automatically canceled.