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RoyalSmoke offers a wide selection of e cigarettes, its parts and many different flavor e-liquids! Each vaper loves Royalsmoke for finding everything they need. The RoyalSmoke store offers kits, pod systems, tanks, e-liquids, mods, many e-cig accessories and everything for DIY. Each vaper will find the best offer to suit his/her needs.

What is vaping?
Officially it‘s inhaling vapors from a small device known as e cigarette, electronic cigarette, or just e-cig. As part of an e-cig, there are several parts that work together that allow the vapor to deliver nicotine, flavored juice to the vaper. Every electronic cigarette has an exclusive shape and size.

How does electronic cigarette work?
Mainly, e-cig has five parts:
Rechargeable battery - this part is necessary to power the atomizer/tank for heating. There are some e-cigarettes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that you cannot remove from e-cigarettes and there are some e-cigarettes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that you can remove from e cigarettes.

Atomizer/tank - this small part is mainly a wick and heating element. Atomizers can be of different sizes and can simultaneously store a different number of milliliters of e-liquid. This is necessary to heat and vaporize the contents of the cartridge filled with eliquid inside the electronic cigarette so that it can be inhaled.

Mouthpiece - the mouthpiece is simply designed so that it is more comfortable for the user to position the lips when using the electonic cigarette.

Atomizer switch - not all electronic cigarettes have this setting, but many do. This setting gives e-cig the user control over how much energy they want to use with each inhalation. You can change power from lowest to highest. The higher, the stronger (more concentrated) steam blow will be received by the vaper.

Cartridge with e-liquid - many different e-liquids can be bought at RoyalSmoke. There are various flavors to suit the desires of every vaper – from begginer to expert.

The best thing about e-cigarettes is that they are comfortable for everyday use. In most cases you will have an electronic cigarette consisting of several different parts. Many who use electronic cigarettes exchange the e-liquids they have with their close friends or other people to try and experience all tastes and know which is best for them.

Who Invented the Electronic Cigarette?
All the credit goes to Hon Lik for first commercial electronic cigarette, however Herbert Gilbert’s design is more similar to what we see today. The idea was correct, it just wasn't developed.

Herbert Gilbert really had a right idea! His design looks like the electronic cigarettes used nowadays. However, the technologies that could develop his concept were not yet available at that time.

What is e-liquid?
E-liquid is also often called e-juice. E-liquid, in essence, consists of four main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and aromas. They are often reduced to PG and VG. Both PG and VG are types of organic compounds (naturally occurring substances) and are present in a wide variety of products, including coffee, whipped dairy products, and ice cream, cough medicine, toothpaste and asthma inhalers. Propylene glycol is a liquid that makes the flavors taste very well and tends to make a massive contribution to the heat of the throat that occurs when vaping small amounts of e liquid. Vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, is usually derived from vegetable oil and is a fairly viscous gel-like liquid. The VG / PG ratio of e-liquid determines how thick the liquid will be - the higher the VG, the smoother and thicker the e-liquid, the larger the PG, the stronger it will be.

How to mix e-liquid?
The electronic cigarette does not include tobacco, but there is e-liquid. At Royalsmoke you will find a large variety of e-liquids. Royalsmoke sells well-known e-liquid brands. These brands are very popular among the vapers. You can buy already made for vaping e-liquids or choose shake-and-vape e-liquids. But what is the difference? With shake-and-vape you get a larger bottle of e-liquid of volume that ranges from 50 ml to 100 ml. Then you simply add a nic shot, the bottle has to be shaken vigorously several times, and you can immediately vape. Unlike others, shake-and-vape doesn‘t need any steeping. In addition, there are no restrictions for e-liquids. Sweet, hearthy, fruity, desert, cool or fresh – at Royalsmoke you will find every flavor you have been looking for. Browse our wide selection of e-liquids and find your favorite one.
Before attempting do-it-yourself mixing, users should have some equipment for the actual mixing, including large measuring syringes, measuring cups, and severals empty bottles. Users should ensure that the mixing equipment is completely clean, free from dirt, dust or other factors associated with the liquid mixture. Sanitation is important.

The first thing the user must decide will be the VG/PG ratio. This refers to how much PG and VG you want in the mix and determines how thick it will be. If you use the atomizer from the mouth to the lung, it is best to stick to 50% PG or above and if you use an atomizer with a sub-ohm, you should mix your e-liquid with 70% VG or above. The next thing to choose is the percentage of flavors that need to be added. Most flavors work well for 15% of the total amount of e-liquid, but this line is flexible looking at how much taste a vaper wants. The best you can do is start from the 15% and either dilute or add more flavor as needed to the e-liquid bottle.
If you want your e-liquid to be with nicotine, you must select a nic shot. You choose how much nicotine you want in your e-liquid, with the aforementioned nic shot. You can choose your own nicotine concentration in e-liquid, as some flavorings can work well at 10%, others at 12%, and some up to 20%, but for most concentrates 15% works very well. Most e-liquids on the market use a form of nicotine obtained from tobacco leaf, but some manufacturers are looking for other methods: either synthesize nicotine or obtain it from another source. What is Nicotine Salt?
Nicotine salt or salt nicotine forms, when the nicotine base is combined with an acid or several acids. This process creates saline nicotine solution and reduces throat irritation in stronger nicotine e-liquids.

Nicotine or nicotine salt?
Nicotine, also known as free base nicotine or nicotine liquid, is extracted directly from tobacco. This process removes all impurities in the tobacco, leaving only nicotine in pure form. The higher the strength of nicotine, the coarser it becomes. Nicotine salt is created by strategically adding specific acids to mellow the nicotine. This reduces the pH of the nicotine solution and creates less irritating nicotine. Meaning, you can try stronger nicotine salt without experiencing irritation in the throat.

What are the benefits of nicotine salt?
We have already talked about one advantage when looking at nicotine salts - a more pleasant taste with higher nicotine concentrations. Another good advantage of using nicotine salt is the rate of nicotine absorption in the blood. Nicotine salt e-liquids have been shown to enter the bloodstream faster than ordinary eliquid nicotine. This is beneficial for those trying to quit smoking. If you are trying to switch to vaping because you no longer have the same effect with a cigarette, you can check out the nicotine salt e-liquids.