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Disposable electronic cigarettes

Are you thinking to try a disposable electronic cigarette and wondering which one to choose? Here are some tips where to start from.

First, you need to decide which flavor you want to try. Do you have your favorite one?  Currently, the most trending disposable e cigarette flavors are lime/cola, watermelons and strawberry. However, you should pick up the one you like the most. Each person has his/her own preferences. However, if you do not, you can try the most trending ones.

Second, you need to take a look on its battery capacity and volume. The larger number will be, the longer you will be able to vape a disposable electronic cigarette. We recommend to buy e cigarettes with at least 250 mAh battery, and 1,5 ml of e-liquid. This will quarantine you a long enough vaping experience. Most of the disposable electronic cigarettes last at least a day or two. It depends how often you vape. 

Thirdly, check the nicotine level. Most of the disposable el. cigarettes come with 20mg nicotine salt. Haven't you try a nicotine salt? It may be a perfect time to do so. Grab one today and enjoy vaping!

disposable electronic cigarette